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Wolf Lodge, a luxurious resort that's a part of Norway's Polar Park in Narvik, allows guests to mix and mingle with gray wolves that roam freely on their large enclosure.

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Genealogy Insider - 5 Websites for Norwegian Genealogy

Voss photo collage (Norway), tablet-style colored houses from the norwegian mountains like Favelas in Brazil. During my stay in Norway I had a similar vision with my stay in Brazil about the colors and alignment of the houses in the mountains, but the weather was completely different, but these warm colors contrast very well with the snow.

"Have a nice day" in Norwegian. I need to make this for my Mom.

Children in traditional Norwegian bunad. This is just sooo cute! My brother and I used to dress like this when we were little for our dance class at the Poulsbo Sons of Norway

How stinking cute I want a MJC paper dolls guide in Laineys closet to mix and match outfits...and virtual paper dolls for me to help make my MJC shopping decisions. <3 <3 <3 #matildajaneclothing #MJCdreamcloset

Norwegian Kringla - This Kringla is a delicious cross between a cookie and pastry. Handed down by my great grandmother, this is the one thing I must make every Christmas.

Such a weird design, but I love the color palette. This one's for my Norwegian husband -- yes, we will go someday and mountain bike and see the fjords.

Christmas is a huge deal in Norway, and Norwegian Christmas traditions make the most of the holiday during the dark days of winter. Click through to read how magical Christmas in Norway can be, including traditional Christmas cookies, lutefisk, and julebord!

lefse recipe not sure about this but saw it so decided to post it - it isn't like the recipe I have in my head - which is 10# potatoes, 1/2 cup butter, 1 T salt, almost a half cup of sugar and a cup of cream, and about 3 cups of flour approx.

You can now search millions of digitized Nordic records from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland from as early as the 1600s so you can discover your Nordic roots and learn more about how your ancestors lived.

Bryggen in Bergen - Norway it's obviously my city, ay, @Alex Atkinson Pengue?

Burning Love (Brennende kjærlighet) - Norwegian comfort food dish of mashed potatoes, infused with butter, vegetable stock, buttermilk and cheese – topped with salty, crispy bacon, onions, mushrooms and chives.

Green Fjord - Aurlandsfjord - Norway. Seriously the world is such a beautiful place!

Syttende Mai" is Norwegian for the "Seventeenth of May", Norwegian Independence Day--a HUGE celebration in Norway! Not hard to imagine, considering how many centuries it belonged to Denmark.

a little girl from Hallingdal ( Norway)


Briksdalsbre Sogn og Fjorande, Norway

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