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  • Caroline Kelly

    foldable for the earth's rotation around the sun - the reason for the seasons from Third Grade Thinkers

  • ED 486

    This place has some great science and history ideas for the third grade. Science: Earth Cycles§112.14. (8) Earth and space. The student knows there are recognizable patterns in the natural world and among objects in the sky. The student is expected to: (A) observe, measure, record, and compare day-to-day weather changes in different locations at the same time that include air temperature, wind direction, and precipitation;

  • Jessica Shaw

    Foldable for the earth's rotation around the sun - the reasons for the seasons #earth #science #foldable #seasons

  • Kariah Selby

    This craft allows students to learn about earth's cycles and what causes seasons. This craft can be used to supplement the information learned about the importance of the sun in the solar system. Students would be able to understand the Earth's orbit around the sun, as well as Earth's axis. - KS

  • KC Palazuelos

    This place has some great science and history ideas for the third grade. These could be edited to work with a higher or lower grade. Third Grade Thinkers: Science: Earth Cycles

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This would have gone perfect with my Sun, Earth, and Moon unit!

Earth Day Flip Books: This teacher divided these booklets into 4 sections and topics. Flip open each section and read what students wrote for each topic.

Teach how the earth goes around the sun, with a marble in a pie pan - clever! (Free idea)

Sun Earth Moon system with tidal bulges from NASA. cool yet crafty. I love it!

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Earth science foldable - LOVE foldables!

If you look closely, I've substituted an orange for the sun. Enjoy!

Foldables for students to record facts about the sun, earth, and moon.

Extremely engaging earth's layers and basic geology lesson, foldable, 16 slide PowerPoint, KWL chart (class starter and exit ticket), student note sheet, and video wrap up! This is an extremely popular lesson in my classroom! Students learn via creating and decorating a folding earth that functions as a mini book that describes the layers of the earth. Highly engaging, high level thinking activity / lab. Perfect for classrooms that utilize interactive notebooks.

This is a cute cheat sheet type of thing to have students make so they can refer to it for facts about the solar system. Could use these facts for their imaginative story as well. KS