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A girl: "I've always had a thing for nerdy guys." A guy: Yeah, right! and I am the biggest nerd! Only if I can find girl to listen. OMG, this is so funny!

Y es que una imagen vale más que mil palabras…las infografías se han puesto de moda! Aunque los cuadros gráficos se llevan utilizando muchos años, te habrás dado cuenta de que las infografías…

Las Infografías Molan!

The Anatomy of Nerds vs Geeks. Like this EXCEPT that I love both Star Wars and Star Trek

Sherlocked - perno de resina de BBC Sherlock

Sherlocked - BBC Sherlock Resin Pin


Intelligence is sexy!Teaching my girls not to act stupid bc they think its cute, Its better to be smart and know something then act stupid about intelligent subjects or sports.

...procrastination....http://youtu.be/Xi3aEGo8y-E http://www.amazon.com/Social-Anxiety-Overcome-Through-ebook/dp/B00CY5IQEQ/ref=sr_1_6?s=digital-textie=UTF8qid=1369367330sr=1-6keywords=social+anxiety

I NEVER FINISH ANYTH by brad rose © - i do not take credit for the quote an old poster idea i did in foundation. it was really just a mini self initiated project where i took pieces of graffiti and.

Wasted Youth

me love couple cute forever you picture sweet in love give handwritten butterflies

Keep calm and call batman

But do I call the Michael Keaton, the Val Kilmer, the George Clooney, or the Christian Bale Batman.definitely the Christian Bale Batman!

Divertidos memes de Star Wars

Divertidos memes de Star Wars

Stormtrooper Humor: Buys iPhone because couldn't find the droid he was looking for.