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I'm going to make it guys! Wait up!! Guys why did you get the cars!!!

Eric was the best part of Boy Meets World Lol my boyfriend & I always tell each other useless facts about each other just incase this ever happens

1st World Problems... hahahaha, I've actually thought at least 3 of these things this week.

If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place…

If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place...

Just, you know, combining all of the most awful things in the world. hahahaha

the colour of ginger and strawberry blonde...Because the world will never make sense.

Ive seen this pin a few times. and I thought it was funny, but then I actually watched this episode and now I notice Cory and topanga's professor in the background, about to get into a fight because he (the professor) came onto topanga. And its a really dramatic scene because topanga isn't listening to the conversation, and this is her halfhearted answer.

I'm pretty sure the man in this story feels like a d**k because now everyone's laughing at his stupidity.

boy meets world is hands down one of the best tv shows in history.