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Picnics during your lunch breaks at Lake Max made those long days apart so perfect :)

not everything has to be planned on a spread sheet and you don't have to order the same thing every time -be spontaneous and live a little! get out of your shell and let loose with us. -sing in the car, dance with me when everyone is watching, choose something off the menu we've never tried before, go on a fly by the seat of your pants date and love it, spontaneously kiss me, etc... we want this and we love it

This usually consists of us seeing a new music video on tv and thinking the dance moves look so easy and then we try to teach each other and end up realizing its much harder then it looks. Those are some of the times we laugh the hardest together :)

Too bad we can only replay memories in our mind. Make lots of wonderful memories in life.

Favorite topic of conversation with date: I don't know. But I want to be playful. I think just us being silly. Joking around. That will be my favorite conversations.

Marriage Bucket List: be adventurous!!!! (but not hungry for pain or death; we wanna love each other long time) =) True true true. Good balance.

the smells of the guys most important to me are some of the most wonderful smells to me, whether it be cologne or natural.