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    Gimli prefers Dark Temptations.

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    Let's start Monday off right! With some Star Wars humor! Thanks to a fan... #YodaHumor #StarWars

    I love spring, the flowers have such lovely smells. Abort, Abort! Too many smells!! Funny dog in the wind.

    Now I want to major in booty math that sounds like a good deal

    This ^ xD

    I know the Miley Cyrus photo at the end if offensive- but this meme is hilarious because it is so true! Parents, don't let your kids grow up to be Disney Stars!

    "Had a glitch on my computer" I laughed so hard. I can't handle it. Frodo from the lord of the rings




    Why am I still laughing!!

    Marky Mark Twain – Buy Me Brunch_Woah,,,,this is incredible haha

    Untitled (I told my therapist about you), by Mike Monteiro -

    Bahaha! XD

    haha!! XD

    "And my axe!"

    A Woman With Big Dreams

    useful weapons in fantasy movies. Wrong!! The first one is a longbow and the second one is a recurve bow

    Thanks, Gimli.

    "Do it. If you ever want to see these boobs again, crawl you son of a me." -Lily Aldrin, How I Met Your Mother