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Halloween win more funny pics on facebook:

Best Halloween Costume Ever

OMG I just might have to do this to any future progeny... I literally laughed out loud. xD

Great Big Bang Theory Halloween costumes!! But Amy Farrah Fowler will always be Blossom Russo to me.

Okay. Parents. Dress your children like this. Hire me as your photographer. Good? Good.

Quinoa shows her support of the Troops with military-inspired jackets.

My buddy and I went as portals for Halloween - Imgur <---this is the coolest thing.. A simple yet awesome costume

Honey, you can't go around saying bad words. But the fact that you say them in the right context makes Mommy proud. And, honestly, that really DID taste like shit.

Wayne's World infant costumes

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics my kids might not have a choice next year (those drum sticks will put an eye out, i'm pretty sure about that) - AWESOME.

Love this! The clockwork orange kid is my favorite.