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How Do I Espalier Roses?

by Roz Calvert
The most difficult part of creating a rose espalier is being patient while it grows. Progress is slow, but the finished project can be stunning. The practice is a good choice for gardens where space is limited and you have a blank wall and good sun. An espaliered rose needs regular, but not excessiv...

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How to Espalier: Instructions from BHG -- Espalier, the art of training a tree or shrub against a wall, is one way to enhance a courtyard wall or other exterior surface.

Image detail for -Espalier - trained fruit trees

!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really really wanted to groom some apple trees into espalier apple trees before... and for some reason I never even considered how gorgeous they would be in bloom! My want just went up x a billion...

Orange tree espalier, gardening, landscaping, succulent, low water landscape

Planning on trying this - training fruit trees up against the walls - a great way to make use of smaller garden

Training apple and fruit trees against a wall - Boise Gardening |

This is awesome...if everybody in the family would look out the window and someone would take a pic they would have an instant family tree :) It's definitely Beautiful.

14-gauge wires pulled taut through eye hooks screwed into the wall are the supports for these espaliered fruit trees. | Photo: Thomas J. Story |

Ewa in the Garden: 12 most inspiring fruit trees espaliers // Great Gardens & Ideas //

PRUNE A FOUR YEAR OLD TREE Prune from December to February. Pruning is the similar to the three-year old tree - the pink coloured parts of the tree show growth in the previous year, this should not be pruned unless it is diseased. The black coloured side shoots should all be pruned by a third. Always prune to just above an outward facing bud.