Purple Beta Fish Awesome color. Incensewoman

6. Nature -- Fish The purple & blue colors of the Beta fish would be a beautiful color combination to re-create with make-up.

purple seahorse

Black and purple beta fish

Beta Fish

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Half moon dumbo beta fish

Did you know there is a betta gene called "Marble" that causes them to change color throughout their lifetime? If you ever see a betta with splotches of color..it might be a marble! Keep him in warm water with plenty of room to swim and you will see your fish change colors and thrive!

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Rosetail (halfmoon) betta fish. So beautiful, I can't handle it!!!! How to make a MASSIVE INCOME from your HOBBY of breeding fish

Marble Fullmoon Male

Yellow tang is a marvelous looking salt water fish. It belongs to the Acanthuridae fish family. This is one of the threatened marine creatures

Mandarin fish. I so miss the one we had in our reef tank. Beautiful fish!

Strikingly Beautiful Siamese Fighting Fish Dance in Dark Waters by Visarute Angkatavanich

Pinnate Spadefish



beta fish

Colorful beta fighting fish. See beta fish videos at http://www.yourpetclip.com/tag/betta/