Purple Beta Fish Awesome color. Incensewoman

Very cool Beta Fish

Black and purple beta fish

purple seahorse

6. Nature -- Fish The purple & blue colors of the Beta fish would be a beautiful color combination to re-create with make-up.

Holy smokes, who knew! a purple Sea Horse!

Did you know there is a betta gene called "Marble" that causes them to change color throughout their lifetime? If you ever see a betta with splotches of color..it might be a marble! Keep him in warm water with plenty of room to swim and you will see your fish change colors and thrive!

Betta Fish, or Siamese Fighting fish, are found mainly in the southern parts of South-East Asia, and are especially abundant in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, where they thrive in reedy ponds, slow moving creeks and rivers... Considered by many as the most beautiful of all tropical fish, their name is derived from ikan bettah a term in a Malayan dialect.

Purple Frog

White Betta

Beautiful beta fish

Rosetail Beta Fish - We are all surrounded by many miracles and beauties. Catch them.

purple beta, if I ever find a purple beta fish I will have to buy it!!!

Me and my childhood friend, Meghan, used to call these "bubble butt" fish. We knew that it was their heads, though.

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Colorful Sea Life. God still makes the most beautiful art.

flashing jellyfish aquarium

Are YOU calling this FISH a BEET? This fish is known as a Siamese Fighting Fish, or a Betta, (two t's, pronounced "BET-uh," for its scientific name, genus name "Betta," species name "splendens." "Beta," (one t, pronounced "BAY-tuh," is the genus name for various plant species, especially the common garden beet, "Beta vulgaris." Just hoping to clear up any confusion over the name...