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The Notebook

#9 The Notebook is one of her favorite movies, based on the book written by Nicholas sparks. Her favorite movies are romance or comedies. She loves how emotionally involved you get in romantic movies and the story lines in them. One reason why she LOVES romantic movies is the hope they give you to find that one person that is your happiness.

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My orchestra teacher has a new favorite coffee mug

Now, if you truly believed that what Prusha was saying was would jump all over it...who wouldn't! But she knew she was wrong and she back pedaled fast....I DON'T WANT TO DO YEARBOOK! I asked why not? We would have all kinds of free time which is what you wanted!

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The Other Woman Blu-Ray Giveaway

I decided to include this picture on this board because of the relationships between Edmund and both Goneril and Regan. A love triangle is present just like in this movie. Love and lust is a main component in the movie. Each one of the actresses catch the attention of this one handsome man. In relation to the play, the sisters are willing to do whatever to catch Edmund's attention.


Ballerina Musical Notes and Instruments Saxophone Pendant Necklace in Silver

A very pretty music themed necklace featuring a pendant in the shape of musical notes flowing out of a saxophone with a ballerina and musical note charms!

Put this on your list to watch! You will not regret it! True story! Wonderfully, inspiring story! -Diana W.