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Life Management for Busy Women, (living out God's plan with passion & purpose) by Elizabeth George

As a women’s ministry leader, people often ask me what Christian books to read on marriage. I have a few favorites and I’ve also asked the guests of the Womens Bible Cafe™ what books they’d recommend. From my own experience and the books recommended by others, we’ve created a list of Christian marriage books to help you when the road gets bumpy or when your marriage needs fine tuning.

Boss Women Pray: 31 Prayer to Increase Your Success & Spirit, The Comprehensive Prayer Guide for Entrepreneurs & Women in Business

Why Can't People Just Sit And Read Books - Bookish Design Art Print

Aka why can't people do the same thing as i do || Follow @Viivivivi for more ♡ (instagram @vviiviv

"Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul."

Amy Carmichael Ponnammal 1939 VGC

One of my favorite Amy Carmichael books. It is hard to find. I have a copy that is one of my earthly treasures. Oh that my heart would be like Pannammal's toward the fatherless.

"I try to carry books with me wherever I go. Their weight has become like ballast against the churning sea of modern life, where so many real things are vanishing, and so many beautiful things are being made invisible..."

#eyecandy: floor-to-ceiling book storage

This is the room in my house (mind) where I would spend all of my spare time... IF ONLY

God Has a Plan for Your Life. The Enemy Has a Plan for Your Life. Be Ready for Both. Just Be Wise Enough to Know Which One to Battle and Which One to Embrace. †