Jewel Beetle. The Insect Art of Christopher Marley.

Pachycoris torridus, different colors

C. Marley

making porcelain bugs? good way to play with glazes for sure! it's on my list of future to-dos

Ixora Shield Bug

- Lobster Beetle - Native to Madagascar -

Psyllobora (= Thea) vigintiduopunctata

Jewel Beetle

Leaf Beetle

Insects, Plate 4

Cicada - gorgeous wings

Pachyteria equestris Tmesisternus rafaelae Lansberge, 1885 (Cerambycidae) Indonesia, Java I.

Frog-legged Leaf Beetle

Beetle, Demochroa corbetti, M.E. Smirnov

Cotton Harlequin Bug

A sap-sucking pentatomid bug. Photo by Darlyne-A-Murawski.


Tortoise Beetles - collage

I love this beetle print!

Golden Tortoise Beetle