Bear post it notes

Polar bear notes

white bear Rilakkuma mechanical pencil by San-X


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Cute Asian Fashion -

Cute Asian Fashion -

Keeping in touch with friends makes me happy. Letter Set: Happy | New Releases | Shop | kikki.K Stationery & Gifts

Class 302 - Manicure Set Kitty Index Sticky Note

Things that make me happy... Cute Asian stationery! :D I collect a ridiculous number of these pens, because they make me smile every time I look at them.

Cute Asian Fashion -

Ooohh look, it's one of my favourite stationery cases, yet again! I love them so much :)

Sushi Cats! Super cute.


Cute Asian Fashion -

Maybe buy some for cheap and paint them kawaii? I dont know but its a great idea for my new crafting desk :3-Breezy

Happiness is Scrappy: Stationary Pouch

Cute Asian Fashion -

Cute Asian Fashion -