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    Scanning electron micrograph of a a cluster of breast cancer cells showing visual evidence of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in yellow. Each cell is 15 micrometers across.

    Scanning electron micrograph of the inside of a cancer cell. This cell originates from a squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. The cell has been frozen and split open to reveal its nucleus.

    Cancer Infographic

    Confocal micrograph of cultured colon cancer cells showing the nuclei stained with DAPI in blue, the actin cytoskeleton in red and plectin (isoform 1k) in green. Plectin interacts with cytoskeletal actin, affecting its behaviour. This subtype of plectin promotes the migration of cells and may affect metastasis.

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    Cancer can invade the bone marrow. If this happens, there are 2 serious complications that can occur - severe anemia [think hypoxia] and thrombocytopenia [think bleeding problems.]

    Nicely done AND useful!

    Moon phases foldable and worksheets

    How can my students and I catch up on curriculum by the end of the year?

    Comma Rules

    Stretch a sentence to take those boring sentences to descriptive

    What are the pros and cons to the push for STEM education? #weareteachers

    Help students master ionic compound nomenclature, naming compounds and writing formulas, with the Ionic Compound Puzzle pieces. Allow students the opportunity to visually explore how “ions” come together to form a neutral compound; as well as learn how to name various ionic compounds. Includes monatomic, polyatomic, and multivalent ions in the activity. A puzzle mat is included as a scaffold to help students as they learn ionic nomenclature. May also serve as review an assessment. #chemistry

    Closure activity: 3-2-1 Think I'll use this with my ESL kids for sure, and maybe with my AP kids.