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    whovian dilemma

    Don't blink. Blink and you die. only whovians get it

    watched this episode to day

    I will.

    Boo vs. Angel


    Moffat!! *shaking fist*


    Weeping Angels

    Weeping Angels

    What do you know of the weeping angels? (gif) LOL Laughed so hard! Every Whovian knows you do not blink!

    Don't blink.

    "LOL, guyz! He tricked us again!"

    River Song's Timeline. Narrated by River herself. Well worth the watch.

    Terrifying. If anyone did this to me we would have some problems.

    40 best "go home, you're drunk" memes. There are some good ones here I haven't seen before.

    weeping angels.

    Doctor who

    Best prank ever. it would scare the crap out of me......