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John Wayne

  • Joy Ryan Bridgman

    Rooster - All time favorite movie scene - "Fill your hands you son of a bitch!"

  • Jayne W

    JOHN WAYNE "TRUE GRIT" MOVIE PHOTO POSTCARD. Reins in his mouth, a gun in each hand. Doesn't get more "John Wayne" than this.

  • Kc Demarest

    Rooster Cogburn played by The Duke himself

  • Lone Wolf

    John Wayne True Grit , perfect Rooster Cogburn

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It'll melt your heart every time.

sooo adorable:) You have to learn young !!

precious let me tell u a secret


Too cute!

Best western ever, "Rio Bravo" with Ricky Nelson, John Wayne, and Dean Martin

Rio Bravo

Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson



Clint Eastwood

Sam Elliott, enough said.

Doc Holiday

The Shootist

Buffalo Bill - my hero! Thanks for founding the town I love to call home.

Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer~

Tom Selleck: one of the best cowboys EVER

Butch and The Kid - Back in The Day

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Litttle Joe

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