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    camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree

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      How to take a picture of Christmas lights: turn off flash and all other house lights, ISO as high as it will go, camera on tripod, meter on the light from the tree. Camera settings for this photo using a Canon Rebel T1i ISO 3200 f/1.8 ss 1/30th

    • Megan Budd

      Wish i could take christmas photos like this! Glowing Christmas Tree Pictures

    • Kim Auge

      christmas magic: camera settings for glowing christmas pictures

    • Elizabeth Hulbert

      Taking glowing pictures of the Christmas tree camera settings

    • Nichole Johnson

      Camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree - Photo Idea

    • Jessica King-Hill

      camera settings to get this beautiful Christmas picture

    • Keivi

      camera settings for a perfect Christmas tree photo.

    • Betsy S.

      Great photography idea! Camera settings included

    • Just for fun

      How to take good pictures of your Christmas tree. I will be glad I pinned this :) More Cameras Sets, Xmas Trees, Christmas Photo, Photo Tips, Christmas Lights, Pictures, Christmas Trees, Glow Christmas, Shutters Speed Camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree - For perfect Christmas photos Camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree lowest f stop, ISO very high 3200 if possible, shutter speed slow 1/20 or lower. use a tri-pod or table or floor camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree. I also read that you could just take the picture during the day. That with Christmas lights show up, but they dont overpower the picture Camera setting for Xmas tree pictures. camera settings for a glowing Christmas tree and more great photo tips See more at

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