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Flavored Watermelon Stars Recipe

Kids will have so much fun creating fruit flavored watermelon starts with this simple and easy watermelon recipe.

Watermelon Pops - omg i LOVE this!! and the pips are actually chocolate chips, how cute!

Watermelon Pops recipe- it looks like watermelon, but is made with lime & strawberry jello, chocolate chips, cream cheese and whipped cream. I think I will like this even better than watermelon. Can't wait to try this!

How to: Pick and Cut Watermelon  - perfect way to cut it living no waste!

How to: Pick and Cut Watermelon

Awesome trick to cutting a watermelon! We eat watermelon all the time and have never thought of this!

Good for the summer

We've found 15 watermelon DIY projects to make for National Watermelon Day! So when August rolls around, you'll have plenty of ways to help celebrate.

The QUICKEST, Smartest Way To Slice Watermelon! I've Been Doing It Wrong All Along!

Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit, but it can take a while to cut it up to share with everyone. I've always wondered if there was a better way!

Watermelon mimosa preparation

Watermelon mimosa

This refreshing watermelon mimosa is a twist on the classic mimosa cocktail made with watermelon, orange juice, and sparkling wine.

So Kate actually posted this quite a long time ago.  And I remember seeing the title of the post when I checked the blog that day and thinking to myself, “Really Kate?  As if people don’t know how to cut a watermelon…”  And then I read the post.  And I looked at the pictures.  And I said to myself, “Really Sara??  You’ve never known how to cut a watermelon?!”  It was one of those “ah-ha” moments and I wondered why …

How to: Pick and Cut Watermelon