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Marble runs..., great fun in the classroom. Set up challenges for students.... Faster, slower, turn, jumps, reactions, sound, elevators.... I could do these all year.

Chinchilla Cage Basics - A good cage should be tall with lots of room to jump. Plastic should be kept to a minimum or none at all, as chinchillas will chew it (glass drinking bottles, plastic trays and shelves removed and replaced with wood), a variety of ledges, a cooling space (marble slap - put in the freezer in warm weather for extra cool), nooks or tubes to hide. They need fresh hay as their primary source of food and pellets to supplement their diet. Goji berry = good treat.

Hamsters have incredible energy and need a lot of running and jumping. Wild hamsters run around for miles – on search for food. Now you will understand that if this running need isn’t met hamsters answer with health issues. They get easily overweight. The simple act of offering them one or two playgrounds solves this problem. Find all Top 4 Hamster Playgrounds at Animals Small and Big. Reinforce the love with your soulmate. New products available. All items 50% off with offer code FEB50. This is a HUGE one for me. We should never compare ourselves to anyone and definitely not to our twin flame. I was destroyed when we split after four years. Two weeks after that I discovered what we were through meditationby accident. I never heard of twin flames and it came loud and clear through meditation and I jumped…

Tired of all the endless runner games out there where the most you can do is tap the screen and make your character jump? Then try "Hamster: Hard Platform Game" and fling an innocent little hamster through the air avoiding all the crazy contraptions created by a long-gone beaver civilization!

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Hope you all have a Happy Easter! Love and hugs. Good luck finding the hidden eggs. <3