Was there anything better than Play Doh? Of course, Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs were serious runners up, but they didn't have that pliancy, the soft, yeasty smell, or the striking colors that the Doh had.



Play Doh Fun Factory 1960s LOVE

Vintage Play-Doh!


Tinker Toys - best toy ever

One of the toys I played with

play room

We still play this

squirt gun or water balloons. We didnt play inside much lol

I could play with this for hours.

In elementary school, my favorite class was music class. Besides flute, we played xylophones. This was very easy for me to pass this section of this class, due to the xylophone being my favorite toy growing up. I had already reconized the sounds from play.

Vintage 1971 Fisher Price School

Remember this game? Cooties was one of my favorite things to play with! // My sister and I played this all the time.

playing croquet

Remember this?!

The Original Lincoln Logs - Set 2C They stored in a metal and cardboard canister.

Burt's Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals

Vintage Wooden Folding Ruler / Vintage Zollstock