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  • Bonnie E

    1970s Playdough

  • Cati

    Play dough

  • Lilly Villacres

    I remembered this from back in the time when I was a kid. I like being creative and I liked Playdoh. Now I still use my creativity but using PowerPoint if I want to do art work!

  • Janice Sciscento


  • Deb Maevers

    play doh, remember the smell?

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Wow!! I loveddddd this so much!! It's a shame...I never wanted my kids playing with play-doh...I didn't want it in my carpet. If only I could do that part over again. (They weren't deprived...only of play-doh)

Play Doh Fun Factory 1960s I had one of these so they must have made a reproduction one in the late 70's.

Play Doh Fun Factory My Favorite Play Doh Toy....and Man I Wanted The Haircut one!!!

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

my grandma had this...not sure why...she lived alone and didn't

Yea, this was the extent of our "super soakers", after 4 squirts it was back to the hose with a dixie cup.

Battleship - I can see my dad and brother and mom too playing this game! Board games are still the best. Sorry, modern tech.

Remember this game? Cooties was one of my favorite things to play with!

Jacks - my mom played "jacks" and taught me how to play... in the Fifties. That and Tiddly Winks.

Uno!!!! ..I would save 3 Draw 4's, 2 skips, 2 Reverse, and last my Wild Card to kill my enemy!!!! =) I was so good nobody wanted to play with me..Don't mess with JROD!!