• Dianna

    Thinking in Pictures, Expanded Edition: My Life with Autism (Vintage): Temple Grandin: 9780307739582: Amazon.com: Books

  • Marcela Fedderson

    Temple Grandin DVD-This is a great movie and a true story about a remarkable woman who didn't let her autism or others get in the way of her dreams!

  • Pauline Shillito🎀

    Temple Grandin. This movie gave me a better understanding of Autism and Aspergers. Great movie, amazing woman. Thank you Dr Grandin, well done Claire Danes.

  • Renee Bowen {Photography}

    Fabulous film... Claire Danes nailed it. #autism #templegrandin

  • Barbara Moore

    really good movie. Claire Danes did an incredible job in this true story of the battle with living with Autism.

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