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  • M4d Ski11z

    So much #friggin dirt, how can I tell which is which?! #cleanthatishupson

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I have no idea what I'm doing

Wow ... a shoelace to flush a toilet?! In my local Dollar General. SMH.

oh i got time for dat

Recieve? SMH.

If I was Travis' parents, I'd whoop his lil ash lol.

Um, yeah. Grabbing my Tony Llamas and saying 'Dah ha-ha-ha ... Dah ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!'

Was gonna give this *homeless vet* some money until he pulled out a stack that could choke Mr. Ed. SMH. And he's asking ME for money.

So much #friggin dirt, how can I tell which is which?! #cleanthatishupson

But alas, an #apple copy editor came back off break to fix the mistake lol.

Looking over the original #apple #iPod first generation inserts and saw the gem. #m4dski11z pic.twitter.com/l4uCYBkB

Saw my neighbor's house get robbed. Saw the robbers and they bolted. Yes, I called 911. So sad.

Don't say I do, ladies ... no to the ring lol. SMH at this book.

This moped is #beast - and homie was zipping in and out of traffic with it.

Never forget what? SMH.

That boy is BEAST!

Love the dog's eyes lol. And no, this isn't Dogeyes from #sleepingdogs

Bwahahahaha!!!! That dog is in PAIN!

Cartman on a bus!

That's one big cat!

Bwahahahahahaha!!! I don't always eat cake - Love it.

ROTFL!!!!! She's so not impressed!

And the gold goes to ... PEE-WEE HERMAN!

Water Polo Player Totally Looks Like Wallace - from Omar G. lol

Going for this look after payday.

I know a few bearded ladies bwahahahaha!!!