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that's a lot of pretty pretty cameras

that's a lot of pretty pretty cameras; and it's giving me some good ideas of how to display MY vintage cameras.

I want - Unutulan Antika Filmler #photography

Another possible camera display. Instead of a chalk board background, maybe use a tag tied to the camera (think price tags) or a little business card like description.

I've loved photography since I was in my early teens. I was lucky enough to grow up in a house where my dad had been a keen photographer so there was always plenty of equipment to get my hands on. I moved away from photography after uni but over the last few years I'm returning back to it.

Iris absolutely loves photography and collects cameras. She calls it her "professional hobby." If she cannot become a pediatrician, her second choice job would be a photographer. She often takes pictures for special events for her friends.


Super Tips About Photography From The Experts. Using tips can help you improve your personal photography skills. There are a few tricks that can keep you from falling into the trap of common photography

Collection of Cameras by Michael Jones // Mijonju on

Dream 26 - Start a camera collection. I have quite a few dreams orientated around cameras and photography.

You can never have too many cameras......

photography art couple girl cute random Black and White text fashion photo summer style hipster vintage blonde flowers pink nice moda lindo .

delta-breezes:Christian Watson | @1924us

Info Camera Storage -Film cameras have to be developed so that we can observe the pictures. A tripod is important too. In addition, a tripod is essential. Put the camera on the tripod and be sure it’s secure.

Model: Model 46   Manufacturer: Century Camera Co.   Manufacture date: 1900's

Model 46 Centar Series II camera for exposures made by Century Camera Company circa Has rotating back with ground glass, double-extension bellows, front rise & fall, left-right shift and tilt.