Dogs and Weather—Sun Dogs

Read about sun dogs and animal folklore. See the Almanac weather blog.
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Scientists told people to expect many things from El Niño—rain, snow, floods, and landslides. Who knew it would also bring a pack of wolves?

Keep an eye on the sky! Perfect for weather enthusiasts and nature lovers, this calendar offers spectacular full-color images that depict the beauty and wonder of weather, including stunning cloud formations, ice, and sunsets. Each month features a weather history fact, a weather question answered by the "Old Farmer," and a timeless weather proverb.

Confused by weather forecasts? Here are some of the more common meteorological terms, concepts, and phenomena. We hope this helps clear the clouds!

When Texas decides to end a drought, there are no half-measures. The Texas and Southern Great Plain drought is ending with record floods. The weather is doing the springtime Texas two-step and a lot of areas are getting trampled!

Tropical Storm Ana started the 2015 Hurricane season early. Learn more on the Almanac weather blog.

Ana was a rule-breaker. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is supposed to start in June. Tropical Storm Ana developed in early May.

What the Hail? Read how it's formed and why it can get so big!

Weather Folklore of the Day: When the mountain moss is soft and limpid, expect rain, If dry and brittle, expect clear weather.

What's up with the weird weather?

North America is surrounded by hot water and it’s creating weird weather.

"I remain hopeful that a few copies still exist that do indeed predict 'The Cold Summer of 1816,' as that summer is known in history book."

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It’s enough to make a superstitious person hide under a blanket for the rest of the year. A week after a “blood moon” came a “blood rain”.

April 14th - National Look Up At The Sky Day

Trace in the sky the painter's brush, The winds around you soon will rush. - Weather Folklore Happy National Look Up At The Sky Day!

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Weather Folklore: The Shepherd's Barometer

El Niño: Here's whats happening with the California drought

El Niño, drought, California, Central Pacific El Niño, Modoki

Can animals and flowers predict the weather? According to weather folklore, yes they can!

Weather Predicting: Do it yourself!

Sometimes the changing air pressure and temperatures from passing weather fronts make people feel awful. Why? Read here!

El Niño is more unpredictable than ever. Why? Read the Almanac weather blog.