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I'm biding my time for the day I can go to New York and get an Amanda Wachob fine art tattoo. They are magical.

Amanda Wachob in Brooklyn, New York / The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World (via BuzzFeed)

Amanda Wachob, abstract art tattoo. !!!!! I think this is prettier than it would be on a cloth or paper canvas ;-)

Tattoos by Amanda Wachob, Dare Devil Tattoo in NYC. I especially love the one on the bottom right. These are way more intense than anything I'd think about getting, but I'm kind of entranced-- the messy-paint thing is awesome to look at.

Amanda Wachob I love this

Alltså, tatueringar kanske inte riktigt är min grej MEN fint var det tycker jag, att inte ha konturer på målningen. Blev liskom lite kurbits:igt. (men minus döskallar om jag får önska)

OH MY GOODNESS> this is beautiful. I LOVE The style of this.

Amazing tattoos by Amanda Wachob - My goodness this is a cool tattoo. I don't know if I'd ever get a tattoo, but this one is very neat.

again... not the slightest clue whats going on but its amazing

My latest tattoo, florals by Amanda Wachob

"Based on the idea that color and form can describe or say more about a person or an emotion than a representational image can. that perhaps an abstracted shape is better equipped to convey something conceptual and intangible like a mood or an emotion." Amanda Wachob ♥