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"Just Wonderful" hairspray!

My mom had one of these. Wonderful childhood memories.

Vintage 1971 Fisher Price School

Critter Sitters Small Notebooks and Folders

60's hair dryer

Twirly stools

Romper...came in all sorts of prints and colors...for playing outside on hot days ~ I wore them. We called them sun suits.

corduroy gauchos!

Oh the memories...

Out of a can ;) Loved it!!

When Hi-C used to come in a can. My favorite was cherry.

Lovely Lady Hair Net

Let's Twist (1962)

Girl Scout - Brownies I had this exact uniform

1960's Grocery Store poster

i remember these

ice cream truck..a nickel was all you needed...notice the little girl is wearing a cute little sundress...yup, we did that


vintage pick-up sticks I remember playing that game with our babysitters, Marcie Fleischman

Prom photo-1960

If lying on the beach,with a transistor going kick off the sandflies, honey The loves still flowing...