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    GEMS Alien Juice Bar Game. Learn about acids and bases, neutrals and ph while creating your own alien juice!

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PH Chart for acids and bases. OMG just went over acids and bases chart in chem today! then I see this! lol :)

In this lab, the student will observe how living cells are able to manipulate the pH of their environment by producing buffers to neutralize acids and bases.

AP US History Videos - AP US History - Brightstorm

Acid and Base pH indicator Simulation- students can manipulate this simulation as an inquiry for what an acid and a base are in regards to pH and everyday life examples of acids as bases. #FreeSimulation #AcidsandBases #Manipulative

Properties of matter

Kitchen Science- learning about acids and bases

Test for Acids or Bases Using Flowers!-- Conduct a simple science experiment to see if flowers from your garden pass the acid-base indicator test. It's chemistry, but it looks like magic!

The pH factor : A great site all about pH! Includes Lessons.

Acid-Base foldable. Very visual way to take notes rather than the normal pencil and paper or guided notes. Color affiliations help students remember basic and acidic properties.

Easy little science lesson teaching students about acids and bases using citric acid and baking soda.