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Middle School Chemistry: Acids and Bases {FREE Printable}

Middle School Chemistry: Acids and Bases

Acid and Base pH indicator Simulation- students can manipulate this simulation as an inquiry for what an acid and a base are in regards to pH and everyday life examples of acids as bases. #FreeSimulation #AcidsandBases #Manipulative

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Matter: 9 StudyJams! Interactive Science Activities

StudyJams! Acids and Bases

Our research-based and standards-aligned free educational math games and language arts games will engage, motivate, and help teach students. Click a button below to play our free multi-player and single-player games!

PH Chart for acids and bases. OMG just went over acids and bases chart in chem today! then I see this! lol :)

The pH scale is traceable to a set of standard solutions whose pH is established by international agreement. Primary pH standard values are determined using a concentration cell with transference, by measuring the potential difference between a hydrogen electrode and a standard electrode such as the silver chloride electrode. #Glogster #pH

Acid Base Introduction Video- This video reteaches what ionic and covalent bonds are so that the properties of acids and bases can be assessed. Definitions of acids and bases are given alongside visuals and thorough explanations. #IntroVideo #AcidsBases #Chemistry

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Experiment: Red Cabbage pH Indicator

How to make pH paper from red cabbage to use for science experiments and cool sciencey art projects

Create a DNA origami model of DNA at Demonstrate DNA's double helix structure in the Origami DNA activity from Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Choose a template with base pairs already colored or where you color the pattern of four bases A, C, T and G .