bucket list: be in a game of naked twister ha would be fun lol

"It is not by being abstract intellects that we are going to fall in love again with the rest of nature. It's by beginning to honor and value our direct sensory experience: the tastes and smells in the air, the feel of the wind as it caresses the skin, the feel of the ground under our feet as we walk upon it."  —David Abram in an interview with Scott London via She Sings With the Stars

Is this a dream of everyones, that we just live with this longing for the simple life? Tired of just dreaming.

Southern traditions...I know how to can but prefer not, I can't quilt or crochet, but I can sew.

I am equal parts Hoosier Girl and Southern Girl, and now California too. But I keep most of these Southern traditions alive in my heart. Let's change them from Southern Traditions to American Traditions!