Pretty much

I'm Not Anti-Social.....LOL


In general, if you're a truly good person, you wouldn't have to brag about it because everyone would know already.


Leave me ALONE!



We shouldn't take other people's problems lightly. They might be going through something that meant the whole world to them. We should never judge or mock something we have never felt or have felt. Everything went through different difficulties in life... Let's just focus on our own.

Ha! Ain't that the truth!

If by 'loud mouth bitch' you mean intelligent, witty and not afraid to speak my mind, then yes, I AM a loud mouth bitch. Thank you.

I'm sorry your religion forbids you to love and accept people for who they really are i.e., all religions

Amen ...

People think I'm quiet because I'm shy. Actually, I've been silently judging all of you and I think you're all idiots.



No. No . No. No. Hell NO. I don't like the spider legs look.

Oh the shits I don't give... Lol