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Aniscoria is having pupils of two different sizes. It can be genetic, a sign of a disease, or from an injury. David Bowie's permanently dilated pupil was caused by a punch to the eye. Judd Hirsch is another celebrity with this trait.

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Florence Nightingale - Victorian Feminist and Medical Reformist

FAMOUS SPOONIE: Florence Nightingale was probably the most famous non-royal person of the Victorian period. She helped develop modern nursing. By 1896, Florence Nightingale was bedridden. She may have had what is now known as chronic fatigue syndrome and her birthday (12 May 1820) is now celebrated as International CFS and Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. As usual with fibromyalgia the amount of co-morbidities (other diseases) is high and may confuse the diagnosis.

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So I heard you like heterochromia..

- * Heterochromia Iridis * - Heterochromia (Greek : heteros 'different' + chromia 'color') of the eye. A condition in which the iris (the colored part of the eye) is composed of different colored segments or patches or when the iris of one eye is of a different color than the other. It may involve one or both eyes. There are several causes both natural and from 'outside' sources such as eye drops and environment -

Marfan syndrome

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10 of the World's Most Frightening Museums

An extremely odd and creepy museum found in Paris is filled with real-life examples of medical abnormalities. The Musee Dupuytren was opened in 1835 by a celebrated Parisian anatomist and surgeon who collected diseased and malformed fetuses, skeletons, and human organs. This ghastly collection, which contains 6,000 items, includes liquid filled jars containing deformed human body parts, conjoined twins, and babies that were born with exposed internal organs. Etc.

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Cerebrovascular Accident Nursing Management & Interventions

Learn these signs. Immediate care can reverse damage.

Cardiac tamponade occurs when fluid [blood] builds up in the pericardial sac (the sac that surrounds the heart.) This fluid compresses the heart. Enough blood cannot be pumped in and out of the heart - this decreases the cardiac output, causing one million problems. This is a life-threatening condition. Signs & Symptoms -BP decreases, because you are hemorrhaging; CVP [pressure inside the heart] increases, because blood is squeezing the heart; heart sounds are distant and muffled [all th

This guy was considered so fat in 1885, that he was in a freak show. I would not think twice if I saw him on the streets today

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Cardiology: signs of heart disease, heart murmurs and heart sounds has some information on how to become an oncology nurse practitioner (education, training, salary, outlook etc).

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Hyperkalemia Signs and Symptoms: Murder M uscle weakness U rine - oliguria, anuria R espiratory distress D ecreased cardiac contractility E CG changes R eflexes - hyperreflexia, areflexia Treatment: Kind K ayexalate - oral/rectal I nsulin N a HCO3 (sodium bicarb) D iuretics

Trousseau sign of latent tetany is a medical sign observed in patients with low calcium.[1] This sign may become positive before other gross manifestations of hypocalcemia such as hyperreflexia and tetany, as such it is generally believed to be more sensitive (94%) than the Chvostek sign (29%) for hypocalcemia.