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This recipe was sent in to us from Dawn Kline. She makes all the meals for her dog Cody and has even published a cookbook. She tells us that she started cooking all natural, real food for her dog about two years ago and he loves it.

Selsun Blue use for dogs

Rescue an animal who really needs it

breath mint dog treats 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley 1/2 cup finely chopped mint 1 egg 1/3 cup milk 3 tbsp vegetable oil

Chicken, Rice, and Veggie Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Homemade Dog Breath Freshener Treats With Parsley & Mint. 6 oz plain yogurt, fresh parsley, mint leaves, peppermint essential oil.

Pet gate made of PVC pipe.

PVC pipe cat tower

16 Best Home Remedies for Your Dog - PawNation To Prevent Ear Infections: Try: Johnson's Baby Oil. Too much water in your dog's ears can lead to painful earaches, so before giving him a bath, place a cotton ball moistened with Johnson's Baby Oil in each of your pet's ears to keep out water. Just be sure to remove the cotton balls afterward.

Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes

Wow, now that's a cake for a dog! Recipe looks easy, too! :)

dog cupcakes -pet birthday- pets/dog-recipe-homemade-treats-DIY-cake

From Canine Fence - a dog birthday cake recipe. Safe for your dogs!

Doggie ice cream treats!

Just like blueberries are good for you, they are also fabulous for your dog. These Blueberry Dog Treats are loaded with antioxidants that protect cells, cognitive function, prevent cancer, and heart disease. They make a perfect treat for your pup’s health. These yummy healthy dog treats can also be made with cranberries, blackberries, strawberries, or …

Homemade fruit leather that's safe for dogs! A treat for you AND your pet!

Dog Waste Compost Bin: Add in what your dog left behind, throw in some septic starter (we got ours in the hardware aisle of a grocery store), sprinkle with a little water, and put on the lid. And you’re done!

Sweet potato chews for dogs instead of the pig ears and other things that have recalls for making dogs sick.

DIY Pet House & Bed for out doors

Ultimate Furniture Protectors -Protect your sofa loveseat and chair from pet hair and spills | Solutions

If your dog tends to scratch the door and leave marks when it's time to go out, get the door protector.

Use foil on your furniture to train your pets to stay off. It worked great for us this morning, the cat tip toes around it, one dog jumped on & off right away, the other dog didn't even try to get on it. It will be interesting to see if it keeps them off during the day.

Keep dogs off the furniture with vinyl carpet protector. It's poky on one side so they wont get on it when you're away. It is sold by the foot at hardware stores. Cut it to fit your couch!! It works!

How to keep pets off furniture

How to keep your dogs off the furniture