Charlotte's Web Novel Study is for use with 3rd and 4th graders. Enjoy a variety of questions and activities from Bloom's taxonomy. Includes answe...


This is a great first day/week activity for getting to know students, and they will love it because it involves candy! They randomly choose an M out of the bag, depending on the color they choose they will answer a question about themselves. If some students do not like chocolate you could use Skittles instead. 0642

Write On! - multisensory activities to practice handwriting

Charlotte's Web

Free Literature Circles Question Cards - Students can use these question stems to generate discussion questions before their meetings.

LOVE this! Students are given an answer, THEY write the question!

{Freebie} Compound sentences (and many more resources! kinder-1st

Aesop's Fables lap books

Words Their Way #Spelling Inventory @Jenny Smalley

"Printables" - Fantastic Printables and Activities for all sorts of books including "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie", "Charlotte's Web", "Fancy Nancy Series", "Duck Soup", "Charllie the Ranch House Dog", "Big Words for Little People", "Amelia Bedelia", "Goodnight Moon" and much more.....

Questioning Anchor Chart

A cute friendshipping activity that involves spider webs, Charlotte's web and friendship.

Story Elements Match Up FREE for Main Idea, Story Elements, and Summary Writing - Teaching With a Mountain View -

First week of school activity: Bad Case of Tattle Tongue.

Charlotte’s Web Unit Study

Love this! We did one on the first day of school, how fun to do one on the last day of school too! Would You Rather Questions for the End of the Year

Weekly Writing Homework - unconventional homework to help the whole child

End of the year book - let's make this for next year's third graders instead of the letter! :o) @Daniella Garcia Garcia Garcia Field and @Jenn L Milsaps L Russell

Project idea for novel study