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I take the Barre Fusion classes and it is such a great full body workout! Intense and hard but totally worth it!

Sadie Lincoln warming up before teaching barre3 at the BAC in NYC.

Lincoln warming up before teaching at the BAC in NYC. Hopefully dance class soon.

barre3: 5-Minute Chair Workout via Dr. Oz and Sadie Lincoln, barre3 Fitness Studios

All you need is a chair for this energizing workout from Sadie Lincoln, founder of Fitness Studios. You’ll be surprised how 5 minutes can invigorate and shape your body – and give you a metabolic boost!

beauty in barre3 OKC. Video by christopher hunt.  My "safe place".....Love my girls at B3 in OKC

Filmed this for - and exercise studio that focus on an efficient full body workout that incorporates the ballet, yoga, and pilates. This film was shot on…

barre3 cool mom picks Barre3 Review: Hey, it's not just for moms

Barre3 review: Why it's perfect for busy moms.

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barre3 -combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates in one workout. The 15-minute warm ups in ballet in high school used to get me tired, I could only imagine what 60 minutes would do to me now.

How to stay fit when the weather turns foul

Barre is a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga. It's a great workout for women and men! #barre

There are so many bars to choose from (and Im not talk about the ones that serve vodka tonic). As a barre workout hopping regular, Ive come to love each of the different classes signature cocktail (er, I mean.

Warm-Up, Stretch + Core, 10 Minutes Studio Strength: Glutes + Core, 10 MinutesFrom  Get your fit on with these targeted workouts that will boost your heart rate while lengthening and strengthening the body. You can even get a 15-day trial of barre3 online, where there are hundreds of streamed workouts. Code: B3REFINERY29.

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