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adorable pygmy

Adorable baby pygmy...look at that face!

And this is why we're getting pygmy goats!

Pygmy Goats

pygmy goat. i want one.

little girl pygmy goat with a bow in her hair...too cute!

Goat Tower, one of only a few in world. Located close to Wolf Creek State Park on Lake Shelbyville

wall-climbing mountain goats





baby goat

Pygmy Goats at Play I love goats!

TINY goat!! Pygmy goats are fun-loving pets that need at least one other goat for company, or even another species such as a horse or donkey. Photograph: Richard Austin/Rex Features. via guardian uk

Nigerian Dwarf goat baby. Im a Pygmy goat girl but I love the tri-color & blue eyes..

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baby goats are so cute! and surprisingly they have great little personalities (love the dog in the back too!)

pygmy goat - cute little guys. Just a note though - I wouldn't play with one this way, even though it's tempting. You don't want them growing up thinking "Headbutt the human" is a fun game! You can't be their play mountain for the same reason. I love baby goats and their playfulness though! #goat #farm #animals ≈√

Pygmy goat <3 I swear, if I could have any farm animal, it'd be a little goat or a pig or a ...oh dear!