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$10.45-$10.99 Farnam Home& Garden #14680 Captivator Fly Trap - Captivator Fly Trap, Reusable Fly Trap With Patented Feeding & Sex Attractant To Lure Flies, Holds 2 QT.

Victor M380 Fly Magnet 1-Quart Reusable Trap With Bait

Victor Fly Magnet Reusable Trap With Bait This quart size plastic hanging jar fly trap is a smart choice for anyone who wants to control the flies.

HorseShave Razor 2/Pack by Gifted Horse. $4.79. NEW! HorseShave razor when used as directed is a safe and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from face and muzzle of any equine. By design, HorseShave smoothly and softly follows the contours of the skin without applying pressure. HorseShave when slightly dulled by use is a very effective tool for removing bot fly eggs. Reusable and disposable HorseShave razor is a great tool for last minute touchups. 2/package.

Fasten Tight Kennel Hardware - Silver-8-pack -

$3.50-$9.99 This fly trap attractant is fast acting, non toxic mode of action. For use in the rescue, reusable fly trap. No killing agents insects drown in the trap. Dissolves and activates in water.

$12.21-$15.99 Victor Fly Magnet Traps are simple to use, safe and effective - the patented non-poisonous bait is included with each trap, so simply empty it into the trap and add water

$17.95-$24.95 Durable plastic gallon jug traps up to 35,000 flies. Includes a patented fly attractant flies can't resist. Is insecticide free and has a NO RUST plastic top. Sturdy handle makes trap easy to hang. Reusable.

Review Of The Miele S8380 Canister Vacuum Model • News To Review -

Shower head Cleaner - I tried this today and it really works! I found the whole bag over the shower head didn't really work as it kept leaking so I removed the head and put it into a bowl instead.

New-Hoof Concentrate - Gallon by AgriLabs. $38.95. A safe, biodegradable product designed for a control program in your footbath to lower the occurrence of hairy heel wart, foot rot, or other foot conditions. Contains ionized copper to kill bacteria that causes foot problems. Approved for livestock, including dairy and sheep. Mix 1 quart to 50 gallons of water for prevention. Mix 1 part New-Hoof to 2 parts water for treatment. Manufacturer Part Numbers: 30-000