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    terrible, but FUNNY!

    "I see some of you aren't laughing at this joke - we ALL miss your cousin. Wait, you know what? No we don't. He was a show off and he tried to spray me."

    haha yess

    Tourist vs. Art Grad vs. Asians

    terrible, but hilarious!

    Ginger jokes are so funny.

    this is terrible.... but silly


    terrible and disgusting

    Not enough soul

    Kristin Blades

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    puma. cougar. mountain lion. panther. Stop Making Me Laugh, You’ll Make Me Puma Pants

    How to avoid a speeding ticket. WIN.

    I feel like laughing at this makes me a terrible person

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    Olympic divers on the toilet…terribly hilarious!!!

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    Let the record show, I'm not only fucking hilarious, I can spell hilarious (unlike the person who made this ecard)