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ohhh yes!

Add some Super Mario style lighting to your home with these question block lamps. These geeky gamer lamps are touch sensitive, so you’ll need to punch .

Get your punch on and light up a room in style with this Super Mario Bros. themed coin block lamp, now with punchable on-off switch!

Interactive Super Mario Coin Block Pendant Lamp - What’s really cool is that the lamp has a touch sensitive bottom; simply punch touch it and it will light up while emitting the classic “coin” sound.

ZELDA Triforce Lamps #zelda #triforce - Geek Decor

geeky gamer lamps - These geeky gamer lamps offered by The Back Pack Shoppe are the ultimate display of gamer home decor. From the Zelda Triforce of Power to the Mario.

WOW!!! I think I like it just because it is so organized. Maybe this is Lana Del Rey's place, heehee. Now that song, Video Games is stuck in my head :)  Imagine the wiring behind that clever display cabinet!

My friend will never be bored with his setup.

The Video Game Room.every gaming system ever existed in one room. Not a gamer but this is pretty cool.

Lamp Creative

Geek Decor - All it takes is two items and five minutes to make this easy DIY Portal Companion Cube pendant lamp.

Hilarious option for a game room!!!  The Nintendo Controller Lamp

Controlling Gamer Lamps - The Nintendo Controller Lamp Shows the Evolution of Gaming (GALLERY) man cave status

From Russia With Love print by DKNG

Pixel Pushing Art Prints

Pixels, bricks and 8 bit art.

Zelda Triforce Lamp. $79.95, via Etsy......Paper, velum and a battery candle..could get the same effect :D

Zelda Triforce Lamp Stop worrying about your Deku Stick burning out, since now you can just use the great Triforce of wisdom, courage, and power to light your

Dwemer Lexicon lamp, um yes.

Say What??  Make a clock out of an old NES system. why did I never think about this?

Digital Alarm Clock made from Classic Nintendo NES System