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First Shannon' theorem

Information theory as in Shannon-Weaver

The Bean Machine or Galton Box is a device invented by Sir Francis Galton to demonstrate the central limit theorem, in particular that the normal distribution is approximate to the binomial distribution.

This poster aligns the words kids see in word problems with the Math operations they represent. It has helped my students translate word problems into equations that are easily solved.

FREE cheat sheet for students. A great visual way to remember the difference between GCF and LCM. CCSS 4.OA.4 and 6.NS.4

Y=mx+b foldable for interactive notebook

6 Essential Questions in Algebra from 'Algebra, Essentially'

Giuseppe Peano

Giants of Science - Here is a chronological list of a few mathematicians and scientists whose towering achievements have helped shape the Science of their times and ours.


Algebra Techniques

Arkani-Hamed, Nima is a... super good looking...wait, i mean... faculty member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and former professor of physics at Harvard University. A particle physics theorist working to relate theory to experiment, Nima seeks to explain the extreme weakness of gravity relative to other fundamental forces by postulating large extra dimensions and supersymmetry.


algebra - what would Pythagoras say?

Students cut apart the graphs and equations and glue under the correct heading



Fibonacci numbers



Koch Curve 1904