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Snack Cup Jelly Fish Craft

We love Jelly Fish! From our Five in a Row book, Night of the Moonjellies to our R.E.A.L. Science Life curriculum studying the cnidarians, to our trip to the Baltimore Aquarium to see them, we just can’t seem to get enough. The Creek Kids wanted to make some jellyfish, so I decided to come up with a...

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Homemade plastic jellyfish... I love the Jelly exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

i'm thinking a more abstract arty version (no googly eyes, sadly) & made to be a mobile. ombre. although, i do like the repurposed plate/scrap ribbon/maybe mardi gras beads idea.

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An information-packed article about symbolic play and language development and how to build language skills using small world play. Great for parents and professionals working with young children.

This is a cute and easy craft that might remind your students of exotic sights they saw on summer vacation - paper bag jellyfish!

Splish Splash Splatter: Recycled Art This would be a great project to tie in with an ecology lesson about recycling & the impact of human garbage on our seas

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Paper Plate Jelly Fish : another super easy craft. Didn't have crepe streamers so used ribbons. Kids glued on squares of tissue paper and drew on their own faces.

Cup Jelly Fish Craft — Blog: Art Activities & Fun Crafts Project Ideas for Kids — by cheri

(use muffin papers instead; crepe paper for the stripes) Coffee Filter Jellyfish what a cute craft idea!

Jellyfish....I could have the kids use laminating sheets for the body and place sparkles inside then laminate it. Then attach legs