12 Uses for Vicks VapoRub - put Vicks on a mosquito bite and it takes away the itching! It is the best remedy I have ever found. -- need to try this on my toddler before scratches his bug bite open.

12 Uses for Vicks

How to Use Pressure Points for a Foot Massage: Press firmly on tips of toes-relieve headache and sinus pain. Hold the pressure several seconds at a time.Press firmly small rounded area below smallest toe for pain in shoulder/neck area. Apply pressure up to 20 seconds.Pressure to area below the ball of foot for stomach problems. Firm pressure held for several seconds, then repeat-could be beneficial to digestive system. Pressure to area just in front of ankle on bottom of foot- help knee pai...

Apply VapoRub on things you don't want chewed up or peed on by your cat or dog — they're turned off by the taste and smell. It also supposedly cures toenail fungus.

12 Weird Home Remedies That Actually Work

10 Mosquito Bite Remedies. There are so many Mosquitos here:(

To print out and tape to the bottom of your keyboard or the side of your desk

12 uses for Vicks VapoRub

Blemish Remover with lavender and Melaleuca. I only use doTERRA Essential Oils. To order doTERRA oils go to mydoterra.com/thunderstorm

Mosquito Repellent Geranium Oil

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There's no reason for high cost pest control! DIY Pest Control! EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE should know this information! I HATE BUGS!!! Home made pest control Home made pest control

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Put it in your back pocket...repel mosquitos. (Have not tried this yet)

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Tons of uses for hydrogen peroxide. The list is full of tips. I had no idea for you could use this for so many things!

DIY mosquito repellent

SLEEP... this calculator tells you the best times to fall asleep depending on what time you need to wake up in the morning. Where has this been all my life???

Natural Mosquito Repellent Essential Oil Diffuser for Yard or Patio

diy Vicks