the lost boys live here

Hobbiton in Rotorua, New Zealand

Yurt living room. I could live in a yurt that looked like this!

I think Simon Dale built this too... theres pic of hobbit home with one big window from outside in my board


Hobbit Eco House

cob kitchen

Strawbale construction: 3 times the insulation value of a conventional wall; 3 times more fire proof than a conventional home (yes, you read that right!); lessens pollution by using a waste material that normally contributes significantly to the pollution cycle; ideal building system for the owner builder; incredibly sound proof; able to withstand natural disasters (earthquakes, high wind/tornado) significantly better than a conventional home; aesthetically beautiful.

So fun for a playroom or kids room!


Earthship house

Strawbale Buiding interior

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Three story staircase - tree house

Cozy log living room`

Hobbit house

tiny house w loft by Scrappinceo

Obsessed with this chair. Now how can I DIY!!! Haute House - Harlow Cuddle Chair

cottage in the woods