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    Great printable game to motivate students to complete their homework!

    3y Saved to School
    • Shannon Reilly

      Downloadable bulletin board - In order for a student to play the game, he or she must complete their homework from the night before and hand it in to the teacher. This is how the student moves around the game board. If the student does not have their homework finished, they don’t get their chance to shake the die and move for the day. Instructions are on the site - great idea! about to make this for my little sister!

    • momma Jenn

      A fun game to help encourage students to do and turn in their homework.

    • Marie Summerset

      Homeworkopoly...print & laminate for homework incentives FREE

    • Britini Broughton

      Homeworkopoly...great classroom management idea!

    • Raegan Gentry

      This sounds like a good future classroom idea :)

    • Sharon South

      looks like a great teaching idea

    • Jenna Suares

      theteachersdesk: Homeworkopoly I was supply teaching in a grade 5/6 class last week and they play Homeworkopoly every Friday afternoon. The game was run by a selected gameshow host and went on as the class completed any outstanding work. The kids loved it and I learned that this is a fun way to encourage them to complete their homework each week.  This class plays the game every Friday afternoon so it is cumulative for the week. However, you can also choose to let students role every time they hand in their homework, it’s up to you. Students who do not hand in all of their homework do not get to role.  I was able to find instructions and great printables online: Game board with street names Chance and Community Lunchbox Cards Setup Make game pieces for each student. Print off the game board and hang it in the classroom.  Find one game die. Print the “Chance” and “Community Lunchbox” cards and cut them out.  Store all game pieces in containers by the board.  Getting Started When a student brings in homework have them go over to the board, roll the die and move. This can be done every morning or at the end of the week. The students will continue to do this throughout the year. It never has to end. Deal with special spaces as the students land on them. Assign a rotating “Game Show Host” to run the game each week.  Special Spaces MYSTERY PRIZE – When a student lands on this space, they can pick a prize from a pencil box or maybe the teacher could have little grab bags with the mystery prize in them. BRAIN BINDERS -Printable, foldable paper puzzles that range from very easy to very challenging. GAME SPOT – The game spot is used for playing games from your own classroom. FREE HOMEWORK – The student gets a free homework pass for the night when landing on this space. (Usually not a problem with happening too often, if so, check it out. Watch closely when moving around the board.) TAKE A SEAT ON THE BUS – When a student lands here, they go to the yellow square diagonally across the board and sit there. When on this square, the teacher can have this student read to the class aloud, do problems on the chalkboard, or pass out milk, for example. These are just a few examples of what the student could do, feel free to use your own ideas. GO – When passing go, the student may receive a little prize, such as picking a piece of sugarless gum or little trinket out of the pencil box of goodies, whatever the teacher thinks is an appropriate prize. Enjoy! This is a great idea!  I love it!

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    This is called "homeworkopoly." It's basically a game system to get students involved and motivated to do their homework. For example, each day students can roll the dice and move their piece if they have completed their homework. After so many turns around the board, they receive a reward (candy, book, homework pass, etc.)

    I would use this for students who finish too quickly and miss a lot of problems - love this idea! Parents would know if their child was rushing through. Staple to any graded sheet


    "Pink Slip - For students who don't have homework.- I love the layout of these"

    Third Grade with Friends. Great idea for a beginning of the year bulletin board.

    Cool classroom idea to reward students for bringing back homework


    At the beginning of every month, everyone starts off in the homework club. If they turn all their homework in on time, then they get to stay in the club! If they don't then they are out of the club. Students who turn all their homework in for the entire month get to come to our monthly homework club lunch.

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    This is as close as it gets to a miracle solution for students' behavior problems, it's completely free, and it only takes 2 minutes a day.

    Great bulletin board ideas for class management

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    Cute idea

    End of the week bonus for students who complete homework. Ideas for games found at

    Request to Retest, put the ownership back of the students. Love this!

    Every student who complete their homework assignments all week will get to choose a classroom lottery card on Friday morning. This is an AMAZING idea!