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  • Diana C

    The Cable Cars of San Francisco - wonderful way to travel

  • Arun Jay

    Cable car #SanFrancisco

  • Me !

    Cable Cars You've already seen them (on the big screen, in magazines, and, on the Rice-a-Roni box). And considering a ticket costs $6 a pop, do you really need to ride a cable car? Yes, you do, at least once during your visit. Flag down a Powell-Hyde car along Powell Street, grab the pole, and clatter and jiggle up mansion-topped Nob Hill. Crest the hill, and hold on for the hair-raising descent to Fisherman's Wharf, with sun glittering off the bay and Alcatraz bobbing in the distance

  • Susan Bohannan

    San Francisco Street Photography

  • Amy Ingram

    San Francisco, California - I love this place, need to go back for a visit!

  • Nancy Kranz

    Cable Car, San Francisco, California. A fun way to see the city.

  • Collette

    Bucket list. Ride a cable car in San Francisco.

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san francisco--s-m--d & d lived in an apt just like the tall white bldg--on CA street!

Searching this on TinEye brings up a surprising number of different photos in not only the same spot but also with the exact same fog.

San Francisco Photograph, Cable Cars, 8x12 California photo, autumn, travel, beige, brown, green, wall art

San Francisco... if i could only go to one more city before i die, it might be this one

High bluffs on the most western edge of San Francisco | Fort Funston is one of the premier hang-gliding spots in the country

Vein by artchang, via Flickr: The bay bridge going west from Oakland to San Francisco is a fantastic sight at sunset during rush hour. Red tail lights only makes for quite a scene.

San Francisco is a thrilling, romantic & lovely city where I love to visit as much as I can!

Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Photographed by Leslie Anne Gonzales