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Hole - Jean Alexander Frater (Saatchi online)

Stacked Dots by Jean Alexander Frater. Acrylic paint on canvas. Hole, Acrylic paint on canvas. From the series of dot paintings, begun in

"Waiting for the Spring," print by Alessandro Andreuccetti | Find more prints at Saatchi Art: http://www.saatchiart.com/prints/all

Waiting for the Spring Painting by Alessandro Andreuccetti

Watercolor, space, value, atmospheric perspective, Saatchi Online Artist: Alessandro Andreuccetti; "Waiting for the Spring" Found on here. Fantastic use of atmospheric perspective and a limited color palette!

intothecontinuum:   Mathematica code: S[n_, t_] := Sin[n*2 Pi/50 + t]ListAnimate[ Show[   Table[    Plot[     100 - n + (10*S[n,t] + .02)*Exp[-(x - 4.5*S[n, 0])^2/Abs[S[n,t]]],      {x, -10, 10},    PlotStyle - Directive[Black, Thick], PlotRange - {{-7, 7}, {0, 100.5}},    Filling - Axis, FillingStyle - White, Axes - False, AspectRatio - Full,     ImageSize - {500, 750}],  {n, -10, 100, 1}]],{t, .001, 2 Pi + .001, (2 Pi + .001)/30}, AnimationRunning-False]

***GIF***scrolling sine wave peak valley illusion p. Animated GIF click through to view!


The Power of Lines: Modular Drawing

The Missive: by Markus Raetz [for contour line drawing lesson] op art/element and principle lesson