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    Skinny vs Sexy

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    • Jennifer Stewart

      This has redeemable elements, but here's the thing. Sexy shouldn't be relegated to one body type. It's not helpful to say that Marilyn's figure was sexy while putting down another persons body. Body Image - Marilyn Monroe #bodyimage #culture #marilynmonroe #sexy

    • Aubrey Aus

      I think the important thing here is to recognize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes..and all of them are beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, adorable and more

    • Lindsey Holder

      So true! I think, to this day no one as ever been more beautiful or carried themselves as well as Marilyn Monroe.

    • Laura Dunn

      One of things I love about Marilyn Monroe: "Before the glorification of 'skinny'...There was something called 'sexy'."

    • Emily Moore

      "Sexy" is a manmade defined term created by social expectations of a woman's body. Rather than saying skinny is the opposite of sexy (which is what many skinny people would say about curvy) we should give women confidence in whatever beautiful bodies they've been born into. The main thing is to be healthy and confident, not obsessed with fitting a body mold that may not be your natural state.

    • Jennifer Cusumano

      TRUTH. Photo of the Beautiful Sexy Marilyn Monroe <3

    • Almetra Briggs

      A beautiful quote which is very inspiring to me!

    • Bria Green

      so true, curves are beautiful! #marilynmonroe

    • Samantha Brenner

      #marilynmonroe #sexy #quote

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