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Upcycling leftover yarn - birds will take a string (or multiples) and weave them into their nests! They will also use hair to make the nests soft...next time you get a trim, put the clippings in your yard!

WHAT A GOOD IDEA! Yarn scraps can provide Birds a colorful nesting material. Fill a suet feeder (from a feed store) with yarn scraps and hang for all the birds in your neighborhood to enjoy!

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A branch screen. remember idea: branch screens, built in planter boxes on rolling casters. Creates a moveable screen, with independent ivy growth-bonus boints for creating hinged, double screen frames that will collapse for moving or customizable sizes

Offering nesting materials to birds is an easy way to attract birds to your yard in spring & a simple suet cage nester is an easy & inexpensive project that can let you offer those materials in an attractive and fun way.

The Best Nesting Materials for Birds

If you have a bunch of scrap yarn this spring, it's time to help out the birds! The Scrap Yarn Bird Feeder is a great and easy way to use up your scraps and help the birds build their nests after winter. This is an environmentally friendly project.

Sweet bird bath

Bird Bathtub

Bird Bathtub The perfect gift for your feathered friend! Our Bird Bathtub is for those birds in your backyard that yearn for some privacy. This carefully detailed bathtub is made of cast resin.

Spray white paint over lace to give the rocks a unique look would be stunning.  DIY Tuesday Simple And Amazing Backyard Ideas!

Lace rocks ~ put some in the fairy garden? ~ she glued cotton doilies to the rocks, but i'm thinking a can of spray paint and use the doilies as a stencil for year round fun!

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Chipper and cheerful, birds are sure to flock to your backyard with the help of our handmade, spiral bird feeder. Bird watching is not only a great garden activity; birds are known to drive away pests and are as helpful as they are charming.

although i would also be fine with mucking stalls :0)

Ring bell If no answer Pull weeds funny garden sign. My mom needs this sign!

15 DIY Ways How to Reuse Glass Bottles. Maybe do some of these with my students for reduce reuse recycle...

Make an upcycled bird feeder from an orange juice or ketchup container and watch winged friends flock to the yard.

DIY Bird Baths ~ Bring Birds To Your Garden!   Stack stones and add trash can lids to create these fabulous, frugal bird baths.

Stacked Stone Birdbaths ~ Stone leftover from another project and three galvanized trash can lids become a bird bath grouping! Another of my "use what you have" ventures. (Garden of Len Barb Rosen)