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    Is this guy for real?!

    • Willetta Wisely

      It's official. Some guys are just born as perfect real life princes with jawbones beyond anything seen elsewhere. Nope that's just Tom Hiddleston.

    • Alexandru Meyer

      Aw shit Tom, why you so damn cute? I used to dream of rescuing a girl I had a crush on from playground bully. #Love #Girl #Crush #picturequotes #TomHiddleston View more #quotes on

    • Rae

      "I used to dream of rescuing a girl I had a crush on from a playground bully." - Tom Hiddleston. (I used to dream of being rescued by the a handsome young man)

    • Courtney Hiott

      The scary thing is. I had a dream he saved me from being attacked by some guys on the street.... Is this a glimpse in the future???

    • Sara Walker

      Oh, Tom Hiddleston, how I dreamed that a man like you would rescue me from my playground bullies. Too bad there was an ocean and half a world in our way

    • Melissa Frey

      I used to dream of being rescued by the boy I had a crush on from the playground bully...

    • Maribeth Stephenson

      Tom Hiddleston. Well. That's just about the cutest thing i've ever heard.

    • MJosephine10

      Tom Hiddleston: Knight in Shining Armor even in his playground days.

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    Tom Hiddleston's kindness :) The comments made me giggle.

    Let's file this under "Things I didn't know I wanted until this precise moment and now want so intensely it hurts."

    This gif is the cutest thing. I truly adore this man.

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    ...He recited a sonnet. He recited a sonnet on the spot to explain what perfect love is to him. Mr. Hiddleston, you have just blown my expectations of men past Pluto.

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    Poor Tom. And probably half the other celebrities in the world.

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    Tom Hiddleston may play a villain, but... ♥

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