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  • Julie H.

    For the Ladies, A Mace Pepper Spray Gun, (in pink) - maybe the pepper gun could be scary enough to do the trick without even pulling the trigger - Looks stout!

  • Isabelle Lumetta

    Mace Pepper Spray Gun. Ooooo!! So if I ever need to spray someone, at least it will be with a pink gun!!! ;D

  • Lindsey Rae

    hair drier WANT in a different color

  • Bethany Popov

    Mace Pepper Gun. This pink mace gun is a fully-loaded self-defense tool holding a canister of pepper spray. Bright and girly as it may be, it’s no match for predators—emitting a powerful stream of OC formula up to 20 ft in length. The trigger also activates an LED light that’ll ensure you hit your target.

  • Grace Verbic

    Pink Gun Hair Dryer

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