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Recycling Plastic Bottles Ideas

Fun DIY Craft Ideas – 40 Pics for the little ones para los pekes.

Mini Pie magnets - bottle caps, felt, beads, hot glue and...a magnet! We recommend 14x3mm C8 ferrite disks

Handbag out of plastic bags!

DIY Plastic Bottle Comfort Chair

Upcycle it! Plastic-Bottle Zipper Container (reduce, reuse, recycle, ideas, inspiration, repurpose, upcycle)

Recycle plastic bottles

DIY Beautiful Butterflies from Plastic Bottles 2

My plastic-bottle-handbag for little fashion victims

soda bottle BOTTOMS!! DIY

owl made from a recycled plastic bottle

mod-podge-rocks-book oh so much fun in this bottle

Plastic-Bottle Zipper Container I can see this as a portable sewing kit. cut the 2 bottles taller (than the recommended 1.5" and could be a crochet or knitting kit. OOOO Do it with a 2liter bottle, and it can be a knitting yarn caddy!

Ribbon dispenser from plastic bottles

kutija za nakit

Plastic Spoons Rose..Step by Step Pictorial available, just remember to work in a well ventilated room...

Plastic Canvas Crafts | These simple crosses make great bookmarks or Easter decorations. Tie ...

plastic bottle beads!!

Toilet tutorial from shampoo bottles