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  • Tim Deyzel

    Supersize Me! #infographic from the respected #CDC (Center for Disease Control) showing how #FastFood portion sizes have increased by a factor of 4 since 1950. Source: #diet #JunkFood

  • TP *

    An infographic from the CDC highlights how portion sizes in fast food restaurants have grown since the 1950s.

  • Andrea Hoglen

    Comparison of Portion Sizes from 1950 to today, from the CDC #weightloss #fitness

  • Ryan Pease

    Fast Food Portions, 1950s and Now!

  • Rebecca Blatz

    theatlantic: A Fast Food Burger Is 3 Times Larger Now Than in The 1950s Research has shown that the bigger your plate, the likelier it is you’ll overeat. The same logic may apply to fast food, where according to a new infographic by the Centers for Disease Control, portion sizes for popular items have increased dramatically since the 1950s. Read more. [Image: CDC]

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GROSS- Not only is it poor quality and no nutrition, the way they make food at McDonalds using no gloves is disgusting- no wonder a long time ago I got food poisoning eating there...never again

After reading this I don’t think you will want to eat at a fast “food” restaurant again, these incredible though true facts are enough to make me avoid these places for good. Here we give you 10 disgusting facts about fast food.

Reasons to Avoid Fast Food - in case there weren't enough reasons already

This confuses me because I've always thought it was more expensive to eat healthy...I guess if you're feeding more ppl than just one it's def not!

We all know that regularly consuming fast food is bad for our waistlines and physical health, but less known are the mental health hazards of that kin

This New York Times infographic, along with Mark Bittma'ns article, demonstrate why it's an illusion that fast food is cheaper than real food.

28 Badass Burgers To Grill This Weekend....forgive the language but a lot of these look soooo yummy! Definitely keeping this in mind for when John gets back from deployment. He looooves burgers!